You can’t use Java on the coolest platform…mobile!

Two statements:

  • I love programming in Java.
  • The mobile platform is the coolest platform to code for.

Oracle is standing between me and 6 million other Java developers from working on the coolest platform… mobile.  As you all know, Oracle has launched a multi-pronged attack on Java on the mobile platform by first suing Google over Android, and now doing a back-room deal with IBM to get IBM to ditch Harmony…which the Android virtual machine uses.

The first qualifier for free (FOSS) software according to the FSF (Free Software Foundation) is: The freedom to run the program, for any purpose (freedom 0). This is exactly the freedom that is destroyed by Sun’s and now Oracle’s insistence on a ‘Field of Use’ restriction…which means…don’t even think about using Java on mobile.  How can anyone call Java free?

I wonder how much Steve Jobs is paying Larry Ellison to inject all this hatred into the mobile Java world…which Google brought back from Java Micro Edition oblivion?  What’s the collateral damage of this?  Moving Java out of the data center onto client platforms, mobile, desktop, is a dream many of us have had for years…but throwing a stake into the heart of mobile java…just sets the hope of being able to leverage Java skills in other places, years backwards! Unfortunately, it’s the 6 million Java developers…and the 6 billion potential users who are getting shafted over Oracle’s attempt to use us to cash in on mobile royalties.  Pretend Java is free…but limit that freedom with a Field of Use restriction, so that any momentum built up in server side usage, can be used to extract ransom from anyone who wants to use it in on any form factor that can’t support the entire Open JDK implementation!

I guess even Richard Stallman was hoodwinked when he proclaimed “Thus, the Java language as such is no longer a trap.”

Do I have to revert to C++ to get any sense of freedom?  Its a real sham(e).

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